Saturday, 30 December 2006

Gisele's Cash Flow

IS there no limit to Gisele Bundchen's earning power? According to the latest reports from Brazilian gossip site Glamurama, the woman known as "the boobs of Brazil" has inked a multi-million pound deal to star as the face of a new fragrance from Cacharel. Having found Bundchen to be the most lucrative celebrity face in markets such as Japan, China and the Middle East, the French company – whose clothes are designed by British duo Clements Ribeiro – had her photographed last Monday for the forthcoming campaign. According to PAGESIX.COM, she will also star in a television commercial which is due to be filmed in Paris next month.

She has the two vital ingredients: brazilian and hot. It's inevetable people are going to pay any amount of money to get her on their side. I know I would.


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