Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Bundchen Loves Brady?

Tom Brady traded up? Word from San Diego is that supermodel Gisele Bundchen - who once professed her admiration for the New England Patriots QB/QT - was outside the Pats’ locker room after Tom & Co. shocked the Chargers on Sunday.

“She was standing outside the locker room, just kind of leaning against the wall,” said our spy in the bowels of QualComm Stadium. “No one noticed her, she was dressed like a high-school kid, just in jeans and a T-shirt. But she is gorgeous.”

Adding fuel to this possible Gisele-Brady hook-up is the fact that the Victoria’s Secret’s sweetheart was in the company of Tom’s go-to guy Will McDonough, (no relation to the late columnist). “He’s Tom’s Do-Boy,” said our spy. “If she was with him, she was headed for Tom.” Of course she was. Because, as we all know, Tom is single now. And so is Gisele, who has been linked to Josh Hartnett and surfer dude Kelly Slater since splitting with her longtime love Leonardo DiCaprio.

And if, in fact, there is a love connection, we are going to have to take some match-making credit. Because as you may recall, Gisele came to Gillette Stadium last season to hawk her frilly underthings and she sat down for an interview with the Track.

What do you think of Tom Brady, we asked. “Tom Brady, definitely not too shabby,” the 26-year-old Brazilian beauty said. “He’s pretty cute. All-American, that’s a good way to describe him.” But Gisele was also aware that, at the time, Brady was dating “Six Degrees” star Bridget Moynahan. “He’s cute,” she said. “But if he has a girlfriend, he’s gay to me. There are too many men in the world to go after a man who has a woman. Life is too short.”

Of course, Tom no longer has a woman. He and B. broke up a couple of months back. BTW, when he was advised of Gisele’s gay comment, Tom was chagrined. “Oh, jeez, that’s a little harsh,” No. 12 told WEEI’s John Dennis and Gerry Callahan at the time. Brady later confessed that it was a tad hard to concentrate on the game when Gisele’s image came up on the the Gillette Stadium scoreboard. Hmmm. Sounds like the Mutual Admiration Society to us!

Anyway, we can tell you that the beauteous Bundchen was, in fact, a guest of the Kraft Family at the Pats/Chargers game and that the Krafts also hosted Aaron Lewis of the Springfield-based rock group Staind and Arlington comic Dane Cook. And Tom did seem in a raaaather big hurry to wrap up his press conference after putting the hurt on the Chargers, trying at one point to cut the Q&A session short. “Guys, I’m going to go see my family,” said Brady as he attempted to move toward the door after fielding a round of questions.

But No. 12 was stopped in his tracks by WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton who asked him about post-game comments made by Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson to the NFL Network about the taunting and showboating Pats. “I’ve got no comment,” said Brady, rushing toward the door. “Bye, guys, thank you.” And he was off like a prom dress . . . . But, for what it’s worth, we do know that Tom was onboard the team plane when it headed back to Boston late Sunday night. Discuss.

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