Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Kate Moss Marries Pete Doherty? Apparently Not!

Kate Moss has denied that she married pop singer Pete Doherty while on holiday in Thailand.
The supermodel and pop star are reported to have made a formal commitment to each other in a private beach ceremony during an exotic New Year break.

But her spokesman insisted that the model was simply on holiday on the southern island of Phuket.
He said: "Contrary to various entirely false media reports, there has not been any kind of marriage ceremony in Thailand. She is on holiday."

The couple were photographed celebrating with champagne at a villa overlooking a beach on the island.
Moss was pictured barefoot in a silver dress, while Doherty wore a black suit and his trademark trilby hat.
It was reported that they had undertaken a 30-minute ceremony to formalise their relationship.

Wedding services including Buddhist prayers, the pouring of blessed water and entwining of flower garlands are popular among visitors to the romantic Thai island. But such ceremonies are not legally binding and British participants must still undertake a civil service in the UK.

Moss, 32, and Doherty, 27, are tipped to tie the knot on January 18, and have asked friends to keep the date free, The Sun reported.

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