Friday, 2 February 2007

Tyra Fights Back

Retired supermodel TYRA BANKS fought back angry tears on her US TV talk show yesterday (01FEB07) as she addressed hurtful reports she'd gained 40 pounds (18.1 kilograms). The former catwalk stunner introduced her show wearing the same one-piece bathing suit she was snapped in during an Australian winter vacation. The unflattering shot sparked publications around the globe to poke fun at a supposed weight problem. Banks told viewers she had not gained 40 pounds, as reported, and she felt journalists who had turned her into a laughing stock should be ashamed of themselves. She stated, "I did not gain 40 pounds in two months (as reported) because that's not healthy." And then she snapped and, holding back tears, she snarled, "I have one thing to say to you: 'Kiss my fat ass.'" After the hard-hitting show, Banks said, "This is my call to action for all media to join me in promoting healthy body images and be responsible in recognising that their negative words and photographs have a lasting impact on young women."

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Anonymous said...

GO TYRA. we'll support you! dont be sad or angry.