Friday, 27 April 2007

Are Isabeli and Henri Splitting Up?

....well, we'd like to know too! Rumours have been circulating for the past few weeks that brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana and her husband, brazilian actor, Henri Castelli are getting divorced - but it isn't quite that simple. In the last few days multiple sources have been reporting on the relationship with different sides of the story - Isabeli says they are to separate, yet Henri says everything is fine! (and both in the same day!)

The story first broke when Isabeli mentioned they were having problems backstage at a fashion show last week which she attended with Henri and their two children. Henri continues to travel the world to see his beloved football team, Sao Paulo FC.

They are said to be moving to New York later this year so Isabeli can resume her career and Henri can continue his acting education, however it was rumoured they will live in seperate appartments.

The couple have been married just over a year and have a child together, born in November 2006, named Lucas.
UPDATE: Just after I posted this Isabeli went on brazilian tv and confirmed that THEY ARE SPLITTING UP.

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