Monday, 23 July 2007

Gisele To Star In Music Video

Gisele Bundchen is set to star in the u2's next music video after becoming friends with frontman Bono. The pair met when Gisele appeared in ads for Bono's RED charity campaign for no fee.

Gisele is one of the highest paid supermodels in the fashion industry and is notoriously picky about the jobs she does. However she is no stranger to the film set after appearing in the 2004 film Taxi and she's just signed up to star in the film version on Dan Brown's bestselling Angels and Demons.

Gisele caused outrage when she publicly criticised the Roman Catholic Church for its "outdated" view on contraception last month. The Brazilian supermodel - who previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio - believes the church should change its views because "no one is a virgin" anymore and contraception is necessary to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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