Monday, 16 July 2007

Miranda Hits Modelling Big Time

SHE'S known for being a grounded girl from Gunnedah, but this fails to acknowledge the jet-set lifestyle of Australia's latest supermodel, Miranda Kerr.

Proving that the life of an in-demand model is a high-flying affair, the 24-year-old spent a few days in Sydney last week before jetting off to Los Angeles, the Caribbean and Spain. Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph, Kerr admitted to being tired and keen for some sleep ahead of her busy upcoming schedule.

"From here, I go to LA for five days and then Barbuda for three days, then Spain for four days work and then back to New York,'' Kerr said. "During the next two months I'll have one day off.'' Despite the fatigue, the willowy model said she enjoyed the trappings of her international lifestyle which has been largely built on recent appearances for international lingerie label Victoria's Secret.

"I'm very lucky, it's a great opportunity and I'm very grateful for it,'' Kerr said of her career, which allows her to rub uncovered shoulders with uber-model Gisele Bundchen and Hollywood's A -List.

"I never thought of modelling as a serious career, just as a bit of fun. But then I thought if I'm smart about this then I can set myself up for life It's a great way to travel, meet new people and make a lot of money in a short time.''

Kerr said recent photographs of her and Orlando Bloom together formed nothing more than part of the heightened media scrutiny attached to her career.

"I laugh that off. He's a nice guy and we're friends. We actually ran into each other by coincidence and then they took a photo, turning a molehill into a mountain. I told my boyfriend (Australian model and musician Brent Tuhtan) that I'd been out with Orlando and then the next thing I'm in the paper as his girlfriend. It just makes me laugh.''

She recently bought an apartment in New York after moving there three years ago and said she now felt at home in the city that never sleeps. "It's home now. I'm originally from a little country so it was quite overwhelming to begin with. It's definitely my home now, I've got a beautiful apartment there and a little doggy, Frankie, who goes everywhere with me.''

In Sydney to shoot the latest campaign for local label Portmans, Kerr will next be seen as the face of a new Clinique fragrance. While coy about her plans post-modelling, Kerr hinted that there were several business plans that would keep her in the fashion industry. "I have a lot of things in the pipeline, you know, a few business ideas. Stay tuned, you'll soon see."

From the Sunday Telegraph.

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