Thursday, 6 September 2007

Douzten Passes Her Test!

Top model Doutzen Kroes passed her test yesterday to gain her driving licence. The international model lives in New York, but made the choice to take driving lessons in the much calmer Leeuwarden in her home country of Denmark.

This week she took a lot of lessons to be ready for her examination. Before she started she took off her red high heeled pumps for flat shoes. She tried to keep her mouth shut during the exam, “I’ve tried to shut my mouth cause during the lessons I’ve said all the things that went wrong out loud” says Doutzen.

But nothing went wrong during the exam says examiner Erik Wesseluis. Doutzen will return soon to NY, where she has jobs for to do Vogue magazine.

Doutzen won’t drive in NY, she doesn’t have a car yet! And the traffic is much more hectic and it’s hard to find a place to park the car. For experience she will once in a while return to Friesland.

Once she has experience she wants to drive with some girlfriends across America, from NY to LA (which is about 4500 KM).

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