Saturday, 1 December 2007

Being Beautiful Isn't Always Easy

We all have our own memories of "Mean Girls" (and guys), but it is somewhat comforting to know that the world's sexiest supermodels (aka the Victoria's Secret Angels) suffered teasing and taunting through those terrible teen years over the very assets that have brought them fame today.

"Growing up, I had a lot of friends that were boys but they certainly weren't all over me, it was the opposite," Karolina Kurkova told Pop Tarts backstage while getting primed and prepped for the VS Annual Runway Show, which airs Tuesday night. "Most girls were already women, and here I was so tall with really long arms and really long legs. Boys definitely didn't think I was cute," she said.

However, the Czech-born beauty didn't let nasty name-calling deny her of her dream."I've overcome it all — you have to accept yourself, be confident and believe in yourself because the audience can tell if you don't," she said. "You just can't look around and look at her body and look at her abs, you have to accept yourself. I love my body, I love myself."

And while busty Brazilian Izabel Goulart also has every reason to totally love herself, there was once a time when she thought she was the least sexy specimen in her school. "No boys for me growing up! I was so skinny and tall. Everybody called me a giraffe," Goulart said. "I had no boobs and no butt and nobody liked me, I was so lonely. All the boys would come to me and want advice because they wanted my friend. But nobody ever wanted me — high school was a very sad, lonely time."

But one Australian "Angel" face who doesn't need to worry too much about being ugly or unappealing is the latest leggy lingerie lass to replace Gisele Bundchen, fresh-faced Miranda Kerr. "Everyone feels their most gorgeous when well-rested, but the good news is that the makeup they use on us makes us look good even if we don't feel good," Kerr said. "But it's so important to embrace what you have been given, that's the most important thing, and just to be grateful. Someone will always have something better than you, but then there are always plenty of people that are less fortunate."

And while the dimple-faced doll is now reportedly "fortunate" enough to be dating Orlando Bloom (Pop Tarts popped Bloom sitting by the side of the stage during the taping of the fashion festivity and canoodling with Kerr at the after-party), she wasn't always such a glamorous gal. "I was such a tomboy growing up — boys didn't think of me as one of the sexy girls," Miranda said. "I was just someone they would beat around with and ride motorbikes with. Now look at me — I'm quite the opposite."

However, it seems Miranda could trade tales with busty buddy Marisa Miller, who once upon a time would have rather worn a wet suit than a Wonderbra.

"It's funny because growing up I was a tomboy, played a lot of sports, so it's funny that my job has taken this direction because I'm really like a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl and my friends always laugh when they see me, because they know me and I'm really low-key," the California native told us. "But at the same time I have become a girly girl and that's what I love about the job — being able to explore this side of yourself. Victoria's Secret makes it very fun to be a girl."

FoxNews - Image shows Miranda Kerr backstage at the VSFS 2007.


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