Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tightfisted Tyra?!

We hear that Tyra Banks' staffers are disgruntled because they got no Christmas gifts even though they uprooted from LA and moved to New York for her. It's rumored that Tyra moved her show to New York because she had a boyfriend there, but she negotiated a 30 million dollar deal.

She did throw a modest holiday party at a lower east side dive bar and her employees drank a lot because there was no food. According to our source, Tyra arrived for a brief stop, looking like a million bucks, and said she was on her way to Italy. Before she left, she told them "I want to thank you guys for working so hard - I have a special guest - here's Santa!" Everybody ran to Santa's big bag and found it was full of limp McDonald's cheeseburgers! Employees got cheeseburgers for Christmas! (Our source isn't sure if the higher-ups got private bonuses but the everyday people didn't.) Staffers tore open their burgers, hoping for gift certificates. Nothing.

Unhappy workers ended up drinking themselves senseless and brawling in the street. One needed an ambulance. Tyra could learn a thing or two about generosity from Oprah.

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