Friday, 13 June 2008

The Mystery of the Supermodel's Boyfriend!

It may sound like the title of another terrible novel, but thankfully, it's not. It's the mystery of who is brazilian super stunner Ana Beatriz Barros dating?

When asked backstage at the Lenny show in Rio yesterday she was careful to keep her relationship under wraps (similar to her career of late, where has she been?!) - all we know is he's brazilian, owns a business, they have been together for 7 months and are 'very much in love'. Oh, and he's also the romantic yesterday was the brazilian equivalent of Valentines Day he showed up to support her at the show, plus sent her 110 roses and a diamond necklace! Read it and weep girls. Read it and weep.

Photo shows Ana at the Lenny afterparty on Thursday evening.

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