Thursday, 5 June 2008

Rosie Puts Boyfriend Back In His Place

Pandora has been keeping a close eye on the budding relationship between Ronnie Wood's son Tyrone and his model squeeze, 21-year-old Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

As I recently reported, Huntington-Whiteley has decamped to London after a brief spell in New York to be reunited with Wood.

I ran in to them after a touching minor tiff over a fur scarf she wore to a recent cocktail party.

"Ty's mum Jo gave it me as a present. I really like it, but when we got into the car to come here this evening, he said he didn't want me to wear as it was cruel," she complained. "Mind you, he won't be complaining when I take it off in his bedroom later."

Career-wise, Rosie is on the up and up. According to reports, she's uprooted supermodel de nos jours Agyness Deyn to be next season's "face" of the British label Burberry. "I can't speak about that," she added somewhat mysteriously.

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