Saturday, 7 June 2008

Shhhhh It's Heather Marks!

The best way to get people talking about you is to tell them not to. Canadian model Heather Marks recently moved into a chic new building on East 14th Street, where one resident said, "She's going around introducing herself to everyone and telling them she's a model," adding, "But don't tell anyone because I don't want it to get out, you know, because I don't want everyone to make a big deal." Her fellow residents find the behaviour "kind of annoying, because no one cares at all."


Arthur Micael said...

hahahahah!! im not sure Heather really like that.
maybe she done that in purpose just to anoy everyone. You know like an innuendo.

Anonymous said...

that is such BS, i live in her building and i can't find anyone to confirm this story. heather is really shy and sweet, i have stood in the elevator with her a few times, granted i'm always on the phone but she stands quietly in a corner all shy and dainty. she's just not the open with strangers so this story is a 100% made up.

A Micael said...

i agree with you, anonymous