Tuesday, 30 October 2007

It's A Walkoff!

We're just crawling in from the Paper Nightlife Awards, and hands-down the best moment was this: When Perez Hilton tried to introduce Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo onto the stage, but he couldn't say her name.

"I'm not even going to try," sighed Perez before turning to Coco. "Who is she? Where is she from?"Perez was psyched when Behati said she was from Namibia ("Really? Are you serious? That's so hot!") but the real action came when he realized two of our favorite faces were standing blankly on stage."I think you need to have a walk-off," he announced. "Can you do a little walk? Just for me?"The audience went crazy.

The girls went into supermodel mode. And then Perez said, "Okay great, now kiss!"It didn't happen, but that didn't stop Erin Fetherston from almost falling out of her chair from laughter.


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