Thursday, 25 October 2007

Rosie & Tyrone Update

Not really that exciting, but this article from UK Newspaper 'The Independent' briefly mentions Rosie Huntington-Whiteley....

Ronnie Wood's snorts'n'all autobiography – a sort of 60-year-old rocker version of Adrian Mole – has mercifully passed the litmus test with his family.

His son Tyrone, 24, has just reached the back cover and the tome receives his benediction, although, as he admits: "I think I have probably heard most of Dad's anecdotes in there a hundred times now." Big brother Jesse, 29, is a quarter of the way through the memoir.

Tyrone dates the 20-year-old Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and shares his old man's passion for art. He runs Scream, the Wood family's Mayfair gallery, and has grand designs on an American showroom.

He tells me: "I'm off to New York next week to speak to a few people about opening a place out there. I'm hopeful."

Rosie lives in New York and so the trip will allow Ty to spend more time with her. Which will be nice for him.

In a recent interview Rosie had this to say on her relationship with Ty; "I think it's serious. There's a healthy future ahead of us. We've both experienced so much in our early years that we're not mentally the age we are. I'm not too fazed by anything and neither is he."

She plans to spend more time in the UK and is currently staying with the Woods until she finds her own place, she's getting on well with Ronnie and Jo. "The whole of Ty's family are really nice" she says. 'Leah's wicked and so's her fiancé Jack, and Ty's half-brothers Jamie and Jesse. It's great to be able to be relaxed around your boyfriend's family."

And Rosie on meeting Ty at the Rolling Stones concert at Barcelona? "We went out and got talking, I don't really know what happened," she mumbled "It was like, ah, you know, and I was like, he's kind of cute, I guess...."

Sounds unpromsing but these guys are definetley smitten and one of the hottest couples in London right now....we LOVE them!

Picture is from the Matthew Williamson 10 Years Of Fashion Gala held in London, October 2007.

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