Tuesday, 23 October 2007

VS Phi Beta PINK Party

You know the opening scene from Legally Blonde that makes you wish you were in a sorority? That’s exactly what this white and hot-pink mansion looks like. Except instead of college students, the honorary chair is Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, and she’s invited Hollywood’s trendiest partygoers to her Beverly Hills sorority house. Welcome to Victoria's Secret's Phi Beta Pink Social.

When I enter the mansion (adorned with large Grecian columns), I’m handed a plastic cup. This will allow me access to the keg and the beer-pong table out back, where guests like model Lydia Hearst are already playing with hot-pink Ping-Pong balls. Of course, if I lose my cup I can always channel my E! cohort Ben Lyons and start funneling or doing keg-stands. But after all my frat parties in college, I think I’m over that scene.

I prefer to partake in the other activities available: roasting marshmallows in minibonfires, chowing down on burgers fresh off the grill, playing pool on a hot-pink table and personalizing hoodies—one of the night's most popular doings. I told you this wasn't your normal kegger—especially since many of the guests, like Danity Kane’s Aubrey O'Day and newly Afroed Rumer Willis, never made it through college.

“I never really got a college experience,” Lauren "L.C." Conrad tells me. “I’ve gone to frat parties with my guy friends, but nobody’s throwing up here, so it’s a lot better.” Audrina Patridge agrees, adding she loves the pink theme (what girl wouldn’t?). She lets slip that another Malibu beach party is coming up on the next episode of The Hills—and then takes off to get her drink on.

Meanwhile, David Hasselhoff stampedes through the party with actress Lori Kelly, frantically searches for a water bottle at the bar and then takes off in a whirlwind. The Hoff is sure in a hurry, but at least he’s drinking water! Much calmer is Matthew Perry. But apparently he isn't in the best of moods. I try to talk to one of the only college graduates at the party about how the scene compares to his Canadian academic years, but he’d rather stay low-key. “Can I say no?” he asks me, trying to avoid any questions. I reluctantly nod my head. “Then no.” F for Politeness 101!

Lacey Chabert is much happier to share her memories. “I learned about body glitter when I was 13,” she tells me as we check out Pink apparel in the garage out front. “I still love it!” She’s decided to cover up tonight, but the Mean Girls star still sparkles as she rummages through the sweats, tees and hoodies in the gifting lounge. But nobody shines brighter than model Alessandra Ambrosio, who steals fellow Angel Miranda’s spotlight the minute she flies inside in her belted, white shirt-dress to take pictures with Paris Hilton and other guests. If this were truly a sorority, I’d want her as my big sister.

Too bad this isn't a university reality. If schools had models and socialites that looked like this running around campus, every kid in America would probably be in college.
Article from E! Online's Hollywood Party Girl.

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