Monday, 8 October 2007

Rumours Resurfaced....

You should know before you read this it's probably a load of rubbish....but it's going round in the press so I thought I'd report it anyway.

Orlando Bloom has reportedly been spending this past weekend romancing Australian model Miranda Kerr - which has fueled speculation that the the pair are dating.

In April this year, Orlando was seen house-hunting (they weren't actually together) and took Miranda on a double-date at exclusive Asian restaurant Megu, in New York, over the weekend.

According to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper (Australia) the pair were apparently “smitten” with each other. An onlooker said: “They looked really happy together, and spent most of the evening cuddling and touching each other. They definitely looked like a couple.”

The pair have previously denied they were a couple, with Miranda saying: “Orlando is a nice guy but we’re just friends. We actually ran into each other by coincidence and then someone took a photo, turning a molehill into a mountain.”

Orlando has also recently been linked to former ‘Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston, but denied they were anything more than “just good friends”.

Update: Kerr's Sydney-based agent Carly Tuhtan confirmed the genetically-blessed pair had dinner together, but played down suggestions of a romance - no surprise given Tuhtan's brother Brent has been dating Kerr for several years.

"Yes they had dinner, and yes they are good friends," Tuhtan told Confidential yesterday. "They're rarely in New York at the same time together so they wanted to catch up."

But when asked if the pair had been canoodling, Tuhtan's reply was somewhat ambiguous. "From Miranda's perspective, no they weren't. But really, what guy in his right mind wouldn't be into her?" she said.

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